Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chilling out!

These are lazy chilling out days in the middle of the Atlantic,after Madeira! Routine is morning walk around the Promenade Deck (3.3 laps equals 1 mile). I started with 4 laps a time, now doing 6! then breakfast meeting new set of people every morning. Then reading either in one of the decks or the library!
there's a good Cinema,and a Theatre for evening shows. Different places for coffee,drinks etc., We have tried the Launderette as well. But evening dinners,one need to dress formally to go into the restaurants! which is a bit of a pain but food is good:as we are Vegetarians,the headwaiter(Who happens to be a Tamil)
looks after us:but no South Indian food(Not like,Carnival Destiny,Ian!). Most of the staff are Indians from Goa,Kerala and Tamil Nadu! Looking forward to our next stop St.Lucia on Saturday!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Getting Oriented

Exploring different decks in the ship and different facilities is an experience in itself;Atlantic is much calmer now. Did the shore excursion of the lovely Portugese Island of Madeira.Funchal,the capital is a lovely city. We travelled up the hills to the fishing village of de Lobos where Winston Churchill used to spend some time.saw the banana fields/vineyards/sugarcane fields,irrigation systems from ancient times/visited the second highest seacliff in europe,Cabo Girao.Spectacular sceneries/great Catholic influence present everywhere. lot of people from old Portugese colonies have resettled here.Impressive churches and gardens and colourful plantations.Skilfull drivers manouvering around narrow hilly roads.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


We had an early start on Thursday. Comfortable coach trip down to Southampton.Quick efficient check-in.Comfortable room with a bath as well.Had a good sleep,but had rough seas at Bay of Biscay. Had an enjoyable Captains welcome reception last night. Things are smoother to-day. Looking forward to our trip while we dock in Madeira to-morrow.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Our lovely spoilt cat "tonic"(12yr old) is ready to be carted off to our dear friend Allison,to be looked after for the next twelve weeks! Ready with Trays,cat litter,food and water bowl etc., Amazing how one gets attached to one's pet. I am sure he will get spoilt at Allison's as he has been with us!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Preparation for the Voyage of a Lifetime!

Our kids are home for the weekend before we set off on our world voyage. Had a sad day yesterday at the Funeral of our dear friend Venkat. Last weekend of shopping, getting the house and cat organised and arrange to see friends. Taxi booked for Wetherby for 0530 Thursday, to board our coach to Southampton.