Wednesday, 27 October 2010

28 October 2010

Quirks of crossing the south pacific west to east: at Longtitude 180 we lost the whole of Tuesday: 26 october 2010 was non existent for us!!
Anyway we had a lovely day in Apia,capital of Samoa in ththe eastern island of Upolu. Poverty after the last
few islands is very striking here.There's a strong Catholic influence palpable in the island.Visited Robert Louis Stephenson's last residence,well maintained as a museum now. Samoan people really love and revere him. His burial place is on the hill 45minutes walk from the residence,but we didnt have time to visit. The place is amazing with colourful plants and trees,and there's a banana plantation and Pineapple fields in his estate.
Did some shopping specially set up for us at the Wharf(Sundays all the normal shops are closed here).
Gossip: Ships stewards are trying their best to tell  us that The Laundrette story is not true and is a just an idle Gossip!! our friend Manju witnessed two people collapsing in the deck, and one had to be carted off by an Ambulance! Considering the number of elderly people with various disabilities, it's not really a surprise(average age of passengers now is 65!)
Still enjoying the facilities on board with shows,cinema,library and plenty to eat(eventhough the vegetarian option is not good).I have never eaten so many sweets and ice cream as I am doing now!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


We have had a fantastic couple of days in the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu. the first is the second largest of the islands and we were lucky to have had a clear day to visit and view the famous Haleakala crater10000feet above sea level(last eruption was over 200years ago). It was absolutely breathtaking!
Then in Oahu where the capital Honolulu is situated we had a quick trip around the city,which is like any other big US city, we went out to the coastal areas of Surfing beaches and turtle beaches before being treated to a colourful Polynesian Cultural experience. Now we are at sea having few lazy days before Samoa on Sunday. We have plenty to do on board:I'm trying to learn Spanish!! there are shows of talented violinist from Australia and singers from New Zealand on this leg of the Pacific!We were also treated to a special Luncheon by the captain for those doing the whole World Cruise,yesterday which was good:Vegetarian option is still not good though!!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Back on!

After the glitch with the net for a few days on the ship while going through the Pacific, we are back on,dont know for how long. We are docking in Maui,second largest hawaiian Island tomorrow to do the 10000 feet to see the Volcano.
We had a great time in the Dutch Island of Curacao and did our own sight seeing in San Francisco.It hasnt changed much from when we were here about 5 years ago.
Things are very good so far on board the ship. Food is plenty although the vegetarian choice is limited though the waiters try to make it easier for us. Even the food at Indian Nights is not spicey! The waiters are at hand for us with the Tabasco and the Mild Indian Pickle from their own supply!?
The entertainment is all done by Professionals,They have P&Os own Headliners Theatre Company doing musicals by some talented youngsters. we have had Show business people like Gary Wilmot,Bobby Davro

Bruce Morrison,Bonnie Langford etc., The Theatre and the Cinema are with comfortable seats,space and excellent view for audience as good as in Land!
Gossip: We had two couple forced to disembark at St.Lucia for indulging in fistycuffs in the Launderette!one of them was booked to do the World Voyage! One person was taken off the ship at Panama canal for a Medical Emergency. One Person was warned at the dinner table for making nasty remarks about Jews! We get all sorts in this big ship!
What amazes us is the number of people on board who are with sticks,walkers,wheel chairs,pace makers and oxygen! I suppose one has to say good luck to them for making the most what they can in their lifetime, but it really slows others down when they come out with the organised tours!

Monday, 4 October 2010

busy days?

After the few lazy days on board the ship, we have had busy days visiting St.Lucia,a carribean island, idyliic and beautiful.Visited the Rainforest, looking at well preserved trees and plantations,going up a cable car to 2000 feet above the sea level.Finished off with Rum Punch before returning.Added advantage was
seeing Humming birds for the first time. Next stop was the Venezuelan Isla Margarita.Socialist democratic Country:Very hot but while we were at the Beautiful National Park looking at the Gardens and the animals and birds, heavens opened and the roads were flooded as the do in India! Had a nice boat ride on the lagoon through the mongove forrest looking at pelicans,star fish,oysters etc., Today we are doing the Dutch island of Curacao.