Sunday, 2 June 2013


We were lucky with the weather on Friday&Saturday
Friday: We had a good organised tour with a Local Guide,who had spent some years in Michigan.
We went by coach first to a Tram station to get on an antique Tram which took us to Rostock, an East German Town,annexed at the time of unification in 1990.we had a tour of the town visiting the famous St.Marien's Church with impressive stain glass window,and organ with over 1000 tubular bells and an amazing astronomical clock.then we walked around to see the town which has old,middle and new parts.there were the usual town hall,old city wall and paved streets and fountains.
We saw the university and the Abbey of the Holy Cross near the old city wall.then we had an enjoyable river cruise on the river Warnow where our ship was docked.we had a quick lunch and got down to walk around the beach resort of Warnemunde.its a quaint town with small fisher men's houses, town church,market street and impressive beach.there's busy rail station between the port and the town and lo of small boats in the canal.Sunny and bright attracting lot of locals to the expanse if lovely beach. We set off after 1720 for Copenhagen

Another lovely day weather wise ,but our coach tour was just to give us a taste of the city and enough time to explore.But we managed to see the famous Mermaid,Christansberg Palace,town hall,cathedral. And Tivoli gardens amusement Park,the summer palce,royal theatre and the new opera house.walked along the harbour,Cost of living is high here.1.5 million people with 2 million bicycles,They seem to be very Eco friendly with plenty of windmills to generate electricity all around their islands. Left around 1730 for Zeebrugge .