Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chilling out!

These are lazy chilling out days in the middle of the Atlantic,after Madeira! Routine is morning walk around the Promenade Deck (3.3 laps equals 1 mile). I started with 4 laps a time, now doing 6! then breakfast meeting new set of people every morning. Then reading either in one of the decks or the library!
there's a good Cinema,and a Theatre for evening shows. Different places for coffee,drinks etc., We have tried the Launderette as well. But evening dinners,one need to dress formally to go into the restaurants! which is a bit of a pain but food is good:as we are Vegetarians,the headwaiter(Who happens to be a Tamil)
looks after us:but no South Indian food(Not like,Carnival Destiny,Ian!). Most of the staff are Indians from Goa,Kerala and Tamil Nadu! Looking forward to our next stop St.Lucia on Saturday!

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  1. Hi Ramu, Good to read your blog.Do send me your tour program by email to me.