Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Manila is a booming city but the poverty is obvious as our guide told us 40% are under the poverty line.
City is buzzing with people and can see the American Influence. Over 80% are catholics.Lot of history of Spanish,japanese and American rule here. Old Spanish Quarters is well preserved and of great importance to the Phillippinos. They have a Golf Course in the middle of the city: you have to cross the main thoroughfare to reach the 5th hole from 4th: Only city which has road sign"Beware Golfers"! The threatened rain never came so we had a nice day.
HongKong: Very modern with high umber of tall and very tall buildings both for offices and living apartments.Lovely crossing over from Kowloon where we docked to HK Island where all the Financial Institutions function. Met Avneesh who took us for some Cakes over his Lunch break from work. Did the Big Bus tour of the Island and Kowloon. Amazed to see a big Mosque in the middle of Busy city with throngs of Muslims celebrating end of Ramadan. Witnessed a fantastic sound and light show at the Promenade where the have handprints of Chinese show business stars called the Avenue of stars.Tired by the end of the day with a lot of walking around, But vey enjoyable trip. Now two days at sea before Vietnam.

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